Are You Unlucky

New Book Description: In the book, Labarron “Coach K” Kennedy revisits his past as a child. He tells his story on how he grew up not having his biological parents in his life. He suffered from physical and verbal abuse which led to anger issues, depression, fear, suicidal thoughts. He was also bullied in school. Labarron stole food from just about anywhere just to have something to eat. His bed consisted of hardwood floors or the porch. Growing up was rough, as it wasn’t the typical fun-loving childhood for him. He soon started to feel unlucky because of the hardships he endured. As he felt neglected he began to asked God, “why me?”

Labarron’s troubled childhood spilled over into his adulthood. This created major insecurities within him and ultimately influenced his life choices negatively. He had to work on himself daily to change his mindset. Labarron was blessed to find a life coach who gave him a sense of direction. With hard work and tenacity, he began to change his mindset and life for the better.

In this book, you will find the helpful tools to aid in bettering yourself. These same tools are still used by Labarron today!

1. How to use the law of attraction

2. Know Who You Are

3. Learn Personal Development

4. Learn How To Use Words

5. Surround yourself around winners.

And more…..

Without training, people tend to attract what they DON’T want. Coach Kennedy, a personal development life coach, explains how that works and teaches you how to apply the techniques, which he learned to get what he wanted. He gives numerous examples, so that you can understand and create the life that you want. If you want to turn around your own Unlucky life, you need Kennedy’s inspiring story of a man not held down by the circumstances of his life. Click here to Pre-order  

Published by All Things Are Possible 2

I am a certified life coach, who specializes in personal development. I change people lives by renewing their minds. I have been coaching since 2013.

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