Always remember, you will attract what you exactly are in life. Enjoy your life and you will find a partner to enjoy life with. Don’t have an excuse for not going skiing because you don’t have a partner to go with. Your partner might probably be skiing to and waiting for you there. You can live your best life without your partner. Living your best life will make you more attractive and super special that your partner will be able to find even in a crowd. Become the future you want now. Right now, there is the single you and probably the partnered you in the future. One of the best and simplest way to get your soul mate is to start living and thinking like the married you in the future. Think of yourself to be in a perfect relationship. How will you be in a relationship? You might be relaxed, calm, confident, kind and caring. Be all that right now and soon it will all come your way. Do not wait to be in a relationship to be able to manifest all these unique qualities. How will your house look if you were in a relationship? Make those changes now without waiting for your soul mate to make them. Change out all those worn out wallpapers, clean the closet and empty the drawers. Get your beliefs in alignment. You need to examine all beliefs you might be having with love and clear those that are not in alignment to finding your soul mate. Such beliefs are things like “I am not attractive enough,” I do not make enough money to support a family,” or “all the beautiful ladies have already been taken by other men better than you.” The universe has a way of making things work out for you if you are to believe. The universe will simply give a reflection of what you feel about yourself. Never question how it will all happen. Your only work is getting all your beliefs in alignment, clearly define your desires and think positively. Don’t be caught up in the mix of asking how all this will happen. We live in one very magical universe that does things in a magical way. Getting yourself in the how it will happen might impede this law of attraction and deny you your wishes. Your desires will happen in the most amazing way without you knowing when or how they just happened. Live your life without waiting in anticipation for the universe to respond. The law of attraction will communicate with you through intuition. You don’t have to sit and do nothing. As we discussed earlier, live a good life by enjoying it to the fullest. Be open to all possibilities and the universe will deliver the unexpected.-By Coach K

Published by All Things Are Possible 2

I am a certified life coach, who specializes in personal development. I change people lives by renewing their minds. I have been coaching since 2013.

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