Are You Unlucky

“Are You Unlucky”

Coming Soon 2020

” These are the principal laws of the universe although there are several other laws. These other laws include the following:

The law of attraction

The law of cause and effect

The law of compensation

The law of reincarnation and karma

The law of free will

The law of wisdom and grace

The law of gratitude and fellowship

The law of conscious detachment

The law of one

All these universal laws are meant to guide the universe, and anyone opposing them will suffer various consequences. The laws apply to everyone and everything without any exemption. One does not need to be aware of these laws for them to work. It is just like the law of gravity; you will always fall if you jump whether you know it or not. If you decide to fall from the top of a tall building, you will fall at increasing velocity until you land on the ground. The consequences of such actions are obvious. You would have not broken the law but tried to oppose it.

Flowing with the universal laws will lead to joy, harmony, and internal peace. The external results will always be good health, adaptability, abundance, and excellent relationships.”

Published by All Things Are Possible 2

I am a certified life coach, who specializes in personal development. I change people lives by renewing their minds. I have been coaching since 2013.

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