Judas and The Black Messiah

I must say, this is a great movie. After I watched the movie, I was mad, angry, because some of the same shit still exist today. I always believed in The People. If you paid attention to the movie, you would see that in order stop the revolution of the people, they came up with all kinds of tactics to keep the people down of color. A couple things we need to remember, YOU CANNOT STOP CHANGE. It will come rather you like it or not. Last but now least, We The People Are Stronger than any force. All the people have to do is recognize it and organize. There are more good people in the world than anything. We Are The Power!! The PEOPLE AS A WHOLE!!!
Never Give Up

Published by All Things Are Possible 2

I am a certified life coach, who specializes in personal development. I change people lives by renewing their minds. I have been coaching since 2013.

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