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Man is always looking for some prop on which to lean. He is always looking for some excuse to justify failure. This revelation gives man no excuse for failure. HIS CONCEPT OF HIMSELF IS THE CAUSE OF ALL THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF HIS LIFE. ALL CHANGES MUST FIRST COME FROM WITHIN HIMSELF; and if he does not change on the outside it is because he has not changed within. But man does not like to feel that he is solely responsible for the conditions of his life. – Neville Goddard – No One To Change But SelfChange Yourself

Unfu*k Yourself Notes

You are going to have negative thoughts. It’s inevitable.

You are not your thoughts, but your actions.

Developing new positive habits are like turning a battle ship around. It takes time. You have to build and change the subconscious mind by reps. This is how I changed my life from negative to positive.

Never let your negative thoughts stop you. Keep moving. You don’t live there. You are passing by.

Great Book. I suggest you read it.

Author: Gary John Bishop

Wednesday Motivational Tip

Subconscious Mysteries and the Power of Thought

thoughts are powerful, how to think powerful thoughts

It’s been proven that the subconscious is responsible for 90-95% of all our brain’s actions.

Think of the subconscious as an iceberg with the conscious mind only visible at the tip.

The thinking you do with your subconscious mind is so sharp, so razor fast, that you don’t really have the ability to question it. If I throw a baseball at your face, what are you going to do? Duck, obviously. Was that a conscious decision? I hope not.

The mental framework is part of your subconscious mind. It operates automatically. It operates to how it’s programmed.

I’ll give you an example of how powerful this programming is:

When I was in high school, I used to have the underlying belief that everyone was out to get me (boo-hoo).

I always thought somehow, someway, someone was going to make a fool out of me.

So overtime, I created an automatic mechanism to be as avoidant as possible. Whenever someone would invite me to a party, I would turn it down. I didn’t even think about it. I just turned it down and made some excuse.

Eventually, the invites stopped coming. Then, the crazier part is… I made an insane rationalization about why I wasn’t getting invited. I thought it was because people hated me.

The truth was, I was one of the most beloved people in my class but people thought of me as “hard to know”.

So it was – I was avoidant because I thought people were out to get me. Because I was avoidant, I didn’t really socialize. Because I was antisocial, I became more avoidant.

It’s a negative feedback loop.

It was only until I managed to read As a Man Thinketh and adjust my mental framework was I able to change my outside world through thinking powerful thoughts

The truth about the mind

A key factor in recognizing change is realizing that the mind is not the brain. The brain is a physical entity, the mind is an intangible concept.

Think of it like this: when you mentally picture a dog, you will think of and “see” a dog.

But if someone put you in an fMRI machine and started scanning, they would only see the electrical impulses of brain activity. They wouldn’t see the dog.

When you start to comprehend this fact, you’re able to more deeply understand the inner workings of thought and think powerful thoughts.

You can see that your predominant mental attitude and the thought patterns you hold are not up to “chance” or “genetics”. You have the power to…change your mind.

Never Give Up

Coach K

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