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Never Give Up-CoachK
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Never Give Up
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Speak 🗣

There is power in my words I have faith in my spoken words because my spoken words or my spoken spell or gospel manifests or creates my reality.

I am all imagination, imagining creates reality and I am imagination called reality.

Always meditate on the goodness ( pictures, images, words, thoughts, testimonies) in your heart (subconscious mind) and as you belief in your imaginations so shall it be done unto you.

Faith is a thought or belief in the mind, faith is belief in your testimonies in your imagination and faith is being loyal to your unseen reality within.

Remember to always have faith in your spoken words , because the words spoken from your heart ( subconscious mind) creates your reality,

May the meditation of my mouth be pleasing to you oh lord Amen.

I am that I am!

Blessings always.


Never Give Up