Friday Motivation

Never Give Up
If you’re wondering why you are surrounded by all the wrong people or the people around you are bringing you down, you should look within yourself first. Before blaming the people in our lives for not letting us succeed or holding us back, we must look at ourselves and our thoughts. The right people are always around, you just need to attract them. If you want to be surrounded by confident, successful people, you must be confident and think successfully. The right people will come to you at the right time. Dr.Dryer often spoke of the power of intention. If your intention is to attract ideal people to help you move forward in life, then you will. You must believe in yourself first. Low self-esteem and ego-minded ideals won’t attract optimistic and strong-willed people.

Be Blessed.


Make It Happen

Write it down and make it happen. There is power in writing out your vision on paper. It takes faith to write your vision and believe it is already yours.

The bible teaches my people perish from lack of vision.

So today put your vision on paper and write your vision as if it has already happened and date it.

As you believe in your heart (subconscious mind) you will see (experience) the glory (power) of God ( Love/Imagination) in your life.

Remember friends to always (Think, Imagine and speak about the best of everything happening in your life.

I am truly thankful and grateful to be alive today.

No matter what happens today, tomorrow or next week. Every moment and everyday above ground is a blessed day.

Thank your Father (God within)

Have a wonderful day!

Blessings Always



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Never Give Up