I Am

I AM.  These are the most powerful words you can say.  Why?  Because the words “I AM” precede the subconscious beliefs you program yourself with, and thereby literally tell you how to feel in your body and mind.  These words also instruct the Greater Mind – the Universe – to form an outer reality to match whatever word you choose to insert after the words “I AM.”
I AM What are you saying to yourself?  Pay attention – not only to your words, but also your thoughts!  How often do you find yourself saying, “I am sick and tired of..” or “I am guilty of…”  or “I am angry,” or some other formation of words that are the opposite of how you really want to feel?  What if you remembered the Truth of Who You Are instead, and began thinking and speaking from the Truth in your Heart?

Every time you use the words “I AM” you are literally instructing yourself to think, believe, and feel a certain way.  You are telling your subconscious mind what to filter out and disallow, and what to let into your awareness.  You are commanding the Universe to form an outer reality which matches the declaration of what you just said.

You are the only one who gets to decide on the word that comes next, after you declare “I AM.”  Choose wisely.  You believe what you tell yourself.

Instead, choose Truth.  I AM Love.  I AM Joy.  I AM Peace.  I AM Truth.  I AM Power.  I AM Spirit.  That is the Truth of Who You Are, after all.  It doesn’t mean that you ignore the other thoughts and emotions you’re experiencing.  It just means that you are instructing yourself to remember Who You Really Are and declaring to yourself that you are choosing to feel what is True, and commanding the Universe to match that instead of all those other things you used to tell yourself.

Remember that you deserve and that you are allowed and that you can have all of your Heart’s desires.  Pay attention to all you think and feel and say and do.  

By:Patricia Reed/artwork:Frank Morrison

All Things Are Possible



Release of this ebook is scheduled for February 13, 2016 on Amazon.com


(Birmingham, AL)  Law of attraction followers and those looking to make big changes in their lives will soon have another literary guide that will greatly benefit them.

Labarron Kennedy, CEO of All Things Are Possible Life Coaching, is planning to release his latest authored ebook on Amazon.com titled, Attraction, on February 13th, 2016.  Attraction is a riveting and compelling read that highlights how positive belief, thoughts, and actions can completely alter the lives of all people.

Kennedy recalls a time when very little went right in his life.  He was angry, depressed, and blamed others for his misfortunes.  They are emotions and problems that many people are experiencing in their lives right now.  Kennedy, realizing that he had to make a change, discovered the Law of Attraction.  That moment allowed him to turn his life around.

Attraction discusses topics such as soul mate, being grateful, remembering your blessings, speaking in affirmatives, and to avoid focusing on the negative.  “People don’t give themselves nearly enough credit and fail to pat themselves on the back,” said Kennedy.  “There is nothing wrong with telling yourself that you are a loving or a caring person and using that positivity to affect others.”

Other topics Attraction addresses include changing your thoughts, taking responsibility, thinking and speaking positively, and paying attention to your thoughts.  Kennedy’s latest ebook release follows in the footsteps of another highly successful ebook titled, My Daily Miracles by Law of Attraction.

Kennedy grew up in Mobile, Alabama and now resides in Birmingham.  He is an accomplished author, writer, life coach, and motivational speaker.   In his spare time, Kennedy enjoys book audios and spending time with family.

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All Things Are Possible

Good Company

If you’re wondering why you are surrounded by all the wrong people or the people around you are bringing you down, you should look within yourself first. Before blaming the people in our lives for not letting us succeed or holding us back, we must look at ourselves and our thoughts. The right people are always around, you just need to attract them. If you want to be surrounded by confident, successful people, you must be confident and think successfully. The right people will come to you at the right time. Dr.Dryer often spoke of the power of intention. If your intention is to attract ideal people to help you move forward in life, then you will. You must believe in yourself first. Low self-esteem and ego-minded ideals won’t attract optimistic and strong-willed people.

Be Blessed.


All Things Are Possible

Know Thyself

Faith, absolute dogmatic Faith, is the only law of true success. When we recognize the fact that a man carries his success or his failure with him, and that it does not depend upon outside conditions, we will come into the possession of powers that will quickly change outside conditions into agencies that make for success. When we come into this higher realization and bring our lives into complete harmony with the higher laws, we will then be able so to focus and direct the awakened interior forces, that they will go out and return laden with that for which they are sent. We will then be great enough to attract success, and it will not always be apparently just a little ways ahead. We can then establish in ourselves a center so strong that instead of running hither and thither for this or that, we can stay at home and draw to us the conditions we desire. If we firmly establish and hold to this center, things will seem continually to come our way.IMG_20160115_120932

Use Your Gratitude To Change Your Life.

Gratitude is the feeling or quality of being thankful or grateful. It is a sense of gratefulness after receiving a gift or something that you need to appreciate. The gift can be a concrete object or some form of gesture like kindness from another person. The term grateful means being appreciative of the benefits or kindness received from other people. Gratitude is an affirmation of goodness done to us. People affirm the good things in the world like benefits and gifts received. By showing appreciation, we demonstrate that the goodness was effected from outside. It simply means acknowledging the people who have done goodness for us. For spiritual people, gratitude is given to the higher power that allowed good things to happen to us.

Gratitude is one of the major secrets of life that most don’t know or just take for granted. Gratitude can bring goodness into people’s lives in absolute abundance. Gratitude is one of the many laws of the universe that can completely transform people’s lives. Gratitude can completely change all of your negativity in life no matter the form they have taken. Gratitude can be explained by the law of attraction where like attract like. This law is well described by Einstein, who proved everything on earth is made of energy. These energies vibrate at certain frequencies and people’s beliefs and thoughts will also vibrate. By showing gratitude, one quickly transforms their energies into the most powerful frequencies. This means gratitude will attract like energies of gratitude to people’s lives. Being grateful for small or big things done for you in life will attract like energies. Individuals who show gratitude will experience things that they are grateful for. For one to be grateful, the experiences are usually good ones. By being grateful, you are attracting positive things into your life that will transform your life. Be, GRATEFUL MY FRIEND, BE GRATEFUL.